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Whether you prefer graphic and bold patterns, warm neutrals, or somewhere in between,
defining the look and feel of your surroundings is the first step in the design process.
Get inspired with our wide array of durable, in-stock collections suitable for any space.


Canyon Lake by Studio McGee

Canyon Lake draws its inspiration from the textures and movements of old world tile yet is designed for the ease of everyday living. Crafted in Spain, the dry pressed designs exhibit a gentle undulating surface adding dimensional depth to any install. Made of 51% recycled content, Canyon Lake’s beauty is heightened by an expressive palette of both gloss and matte glazes.

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Our exclusive Savoy collection is crafted by Japanese artisans, using unique glazes which break over the tile edge adding a strong design element to any setting.

The inventoried ceramic collection has an extensive range of field, mosaic and trim formats, offering limitless possibilities at great value.

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Terrazzo Renata

Terrazzo Renata brings the beauty of Old Italy terrazzo, which means “terrace” in Italian, into the homes of today. Terrazzo Renata includes marbles from the famed Carrara mountains, its stone combination selected for its fine variation in size, composition and coloration.

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Idris by Ait Manos

Made in Morocco by sixth and seventh-generation mosaic craftsmen, the Idris by Ait Manos collection is made to authentic detail. The art of mosaic in Morocco, called "zellige" dates back many centuries. Handmade, hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tile and mosaics are crafted using traditional and regional clays and glaze pigments.

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A building block that’s anything but basic, our Context ceramic line is offered in a variety of field and mosaic formats and rich palette of artisanal glazes.  The versatile collection is suitable for both modern or classic interiors. 

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Classic designs produced by water jet technology characterize our Benton Mosaics collection. The highly versatile palette and transitional designs make this a fabulous addition to our mosaic offering.

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A translucent white marble, Mia's color variance moves from light to dark green and shades of grey, making it a stunning and sophisticated option for any design style.

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