Turning Waste Into Something Meaningful

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The Collections:

Abstra Collection

Made from nearly 100% recycled waste materials, the Abstra Collection features three-dimensional reliefs of intersecting lines that create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. With endless combinations of color, size, and surface patterns, every installation becomes a unique expression of personal style. The Abstra Collection is also available in a matching set of unadorned field tiles with the same undulating surface detail.

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Crackle Collection

An innovative tile series that employs Kohler’s recycled dry cull as its medium, transforming the waste into a responsive tile body. After the clay is pressed, WasteLAB artisans hand-cut each tile, remove excess and apply an interactive glaze. The result is delicate crackle that carries across the tile face when fired, producing a chic palette that resonates in deep, rich color.

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