5 Questions with Amy Storm


With over 20 years of experience, Amy Storm, founder of Amy Storm & Company, believes that a flair for stunning style and intuitive understanding of livability is great but a comprehensive knowledge of structural and architectural design is even better.

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Tell us more about Amy Storm & Company. How did you get started and what is your design ethos?

For almost 20 years, Amy Storm has created striking interiors homeowners love to live in, with a penchant for luxurious details and her eye always on livability. Her team’s unique interior design style has attracted clientele from all over the country from award-winning Broadway and TV personalities to professional athletes and chefs.

After spending nine years in hospitality design, Amy charted a course to the world of residential interiors in 2004, bringing with her a modern touch, nods to the classics and grounded in her midwestern roots that would become her signature style – Midwest Modernish. She quickly developed into a full-service, luxury residential interiors studio focusing on custom new construction homes. Her talented design team and studio are located outside Chicago in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Luxe Magazine, Interior Design, RUE, Modern Luxury, Aspire, The Los Angeles Times and more.

Designer: Amy Storm Photography: Stoffer Photography Interiors Product: Ann Sacks Savoy Herringbone mosaic in Graphite

Savoy Herringbone mosaic in Graphite

Typically, you work on large scale projects. Which room do you start designing first?

We always start in the kitchen; this is the space that really begins to define the overall design DNA of the home and incorporates details that we have previously discussed and have begun to implement. It also sets the stage for how adjacent spaces will look, so the home feels connected and well planned. Once a client is on board with the kitchen design, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Designer: Amy Storm Product: Ann Sacks Savoy Hive mosaic in Ricepaper


How do you add character to new builds?

We work very hard to make sure every project reflects the personality and design goals of our clients. We ensure that our threads of thoughtful design details, expertise, and boundary-pushing ideas create unique, client-influenced environments in each house. We are very inspired by our clients, they typically come with all sorts of ideas, imagery and experiences that direct and shape our designs. We take those ideas and transform them into details that are appropriate for each space while we cross-check against their design DNA we established in the beginning of the process so that it compliments their overall design throughout the house.


What are some of your favorite ways or spaces to use tile?

Whether it’s a bold pattern or a subtle and classic application, a well-executed tile installation will add dimension, texture, pattern and color into any space. Using it as an element of design, rather than just a utilitarian purpose, opens the door to creativity in our spaces. We love to explore bold options for backbars, sculleries and wine rooms as well as kitchens and baths.


Amy Storm & Company MADE Apex field


We love how you incorporate our Savoy collection in such an elevated way in your designs, what is it about that collection that draws you to it?

Savoy is simple, classic and has longevity. Every time we use it, regardless of the colorway or pattern, we find that it draws a lot of love from the homeowner and anyone that sees it. It’s a go-to Ann Sacks line for us and although our projects range in style and design, Savoy always fits in beautifully because of its classic versatility.


Designer: Amy Storm & Company Photographer: Stoffer Photography Interiors Savoy Circles in Linen

Savoy Circle field in Linen

Bonus Question: What is one thing that you wished a homeowner knew before they hire you as an interior designer?

We are here to have fun while executing a thoughtful, creative design that is unique to our clients… so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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